The New York Times has an article about vaccine hesitancy in Appalachia (rural East Tennessee). "Resistance is widespread in white, Republican communities like this one in Appalachia. But it’s far more complicated than just a partisan divide."

We have measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and polio vaccines. There are even more vaccines to be taken as a child.

It is sad to read this article. However, this mind set is not unique to smaller "Appalachian" towns.

And, the majority of East TN counties are at or above the state wide vaccination rate.

From the Tennessean, "A Tennessee proposal prohibiting the government from mandating COVID-19 vaccination and allowing religious exemptions cleared the Senate 20-8 Thursday, despite concerns the bill could lead to heightened vaccine hesitancy. "

The Tennessee House and Senate have passed the bill. The House needs to do some finetuning then it will go to the religious, HVAC Governor to sign.

"The issue, however, invited criticism from Tennessee Department of Health officials as well as other health care professionals, who fear the bill would encourage anti-vaccination attitudes and lead to another surge in infections. "

The Gov is such a Trumper.

Of those vaccinated in Tennessee
43.3% are 60 years of age and older
31.1% are 41 - 60 years old
25.6% are 16 - 40 years old

26% of the people in TN are fully vaccinated.
34.9% of the people in TN have at least one dose.
53% of those vaccinated are women.
43.7% of those vaccinated are men.

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