Jan 21 2006
04:30 pm

I used to be a student environmental organizer back in the early 90's.

Met a lot of people from a lot of places. Apparently, one nice fella I remember by the name of Joe Dibee (who taught a rope-climbing workshop at a conference I attended) is now an alleged ecoterrorist on the loose:


ZF's picture

Apparently his dad's first

Apparently his dad's first name is Khalil, which is an interesting first name for a terrorist's relative to have. I feel positive this is a coincidence, not worth anyone's time to follow up.

Joey's picture

The important thing is he's

The important thing is he's caught and does hard time.

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Bush murders over 100,000

Bush murders over 100,000 Iraqi civilians in his war based on lies in Iraq and he is a "President"

These people destroy some property and they are "terrorist"

Wierd isnt it.

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Caught, receives a fair

Caught, receives a fair trial, serves time if found guilty. That's what you meant to say, I'm sure.

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There's obviously a limit to

There's obviously a limit to activism and who crosses the border has to pay the price for it, especially if it goes at the extremes.

But it'd be good for the public to know that there's a whole movement behind the boundary and unfortunately has not the same press coverage...

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