Oct 31 2019
03:26 pm
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Two thumbs up for the sarcasm

Two thumbs up for the sarcasm close tag and using East instead of Center.

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It's unfortunate. The modern

It's unfortunate. The modern mall concept came out of the energy 'crisis' of the 1970s: an alternative to strip mall and big box development that provided a more enivronmentally- and human-friendly solution to shopping. When first completed, East Towne was a stunning project and popular destination.

As I recall, the movie theater - for a while, at least - had the only 70mm projector in town. At the food court, Elidio made the best pizza. And Morrison's Cafeteria was a great place to eat ...

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Wonder if they still owe all

Wonder if they still owe all those back taxes?

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Looks like unpaid property taxes of $430,000

$200,000 to the county and $230,000 to the city

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Malls are now targeting millionaires

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16 Ways Malls Are Filling Space

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