Jul 11 2006
10:52 am

Early voting starts this Friday, July 14th.

For Knox County voters who would like to "test drive" the new voting machines, Greg Mackay advises they will be available for demonstration and test use at any of the seven early voting centers Saturday, July 15th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

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I haven't seen the new machines.  Are they really that difficult to use?  Is it now necessary to practice voting? 

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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We used them over here in

We used them over here in Blount Co. They are fairly simple. Some seniors were having a little trouble, but there were poll workers there to help.

Here's how they work:


I think Knox Co. Election Commission is just trying to be proactive and avoid problems or long lines on election day.

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Yes but...

This is a huge ballot and that, combined with most voter's unfamiliarity with the new machines, almost assuredly means that each voter will take longer than usual to cast their vote. If there was ever an election where you might be better off taking advantage of early voting, this one is it.

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Got this in my email a little while ago:

Harold Ford Jr. will appear at the Old Courthouse ( 300 Main St) on Friday 7/14 at 11 AM to kick off the Early Voting period.

Can't vouch for the validity of it all, but HFJ has been in town a lot this past week. I bumped into him at Starbucks on the strip several days ago.

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Pardon my ignorance (if

Pardon my ignorance (if that's even the case), but is there any reason for most Democrats to even vote in the Democratic primary?  I don't see many, if any, Democratic races at the state or federal level that aren't foregone conclusions or just flat out unopposed. 

 This being the case, doesn't Van Hilleary stand a heck of a chance in this 3 way race?  Don't assume Stacey Campfield won't be facing Shree either.  I can't vote for everyone's favorite "Rep", but I'm thinking Van's getting 2 extra votes from my household, unless I'm missing something.  Somebody please let me know if I am.

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IMHO I think you are missing

IMHO I think you are missing something. I want to influence politics in TN by voting for who I want in office, not by trying to help a Republican candidate. The more votes, even in an unopposed primary, a candidate (and party) receives the more validity they will have in the election. I hope your 2 extra household votes don't think they are helping anyone but the Republican party squeal with glee.

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Good point, if anyone else

Good point, if anyone else has an opinion on this I'd love to know it.  I've crossed over before, but that was more to vote for a Republican candidate I've liked more than others.  Doing it to vote for someone I think may not have the best shot in a general election does seem disingenious, but if it helps Ford in November is it worth doing?  And is any candidate really a better candidate to face Ford?  The prevailing opinion seems to be that Van is the better match-up for him, but how true is that? 

I know I couldn't have been the only one to ponder switching over.  What's the consensus, is this worth doing now or ever?

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Crossing Over

And, no, I'm not talking about the mystical Jon Edwards guy.

Crossing over in party primaries is a long-standing tradition, especially if you know your normal party line is locked in because of unopposed candidates or underfunded marginal competition. Then, you have the privilege of helping the least favorable opposing candidate work his way to the top.

So, yes, I'm considering voting in the GOP primary, too. I think Van Hilleary would be just dreamy.

Contrary to previously stated opinion, I don't believe such a vote in the GOP primary makes the GOP leadership "squeal with glee." They understand that not all votes in the GOP primary equal a vote for the GOP in November.

If the GOP folks complain, I can always remind them about Jake Butcher in 1978. (Mr. Butcher won the Demo primary for governor with a wee bit of help from GOP voters crossing over and selecting the banker over the highly electable Bob Clement. Lamar! was certain to have an easier time running against Jake than the Clement family legacy.)

A vote for a series of unopposed Democratic candidates in the primary in August may not be the best way to support your Democratic candidates in November.

My 2 cents.

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I agree.

I agree.  I virtually always vote Repug in primaries for just such "strategic" reasons.  Can't say it's ever worked, but it's all one person can do at the ballot box.  JIMHFO.

I haven't looked at the upcoming ballot enough to know my votes yet, though.  I did get a good chuckle over Hilleary's TeeVee spot where he brags that he voted against Clinton (!?) more than anyone else in congress.  What a f*ckin' dope!    

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I want to influence politics

I want to influence politics in TN by voting for who I want in office, not by trying to help a Republican candidate.

Gee, if Chuck Schumer had let us have a statewide Democratic primary, then I could have voted for who I wanted in office.

As it stands, I don't see the value of participating. And rather than staying home, I'd prefer to vote strategically.


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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Unless someone talks me out of it I'll switch over and vote for the lesser of the evils in the R.Primary. Or shall I say the one comptetent candidate in a field of idjits. Mainly because I like to hedge my bets. I understand the reasoning behind the strategy to vote for Hillarey but I just can't bring myself to pull the lever for that guy.

For those of you who do plan to vote in the Dem primary, I strongly urge you to vote for Bob Scott for U.S. Rep. (Duncan's seat). Bob's a retired engineer with some great ideas about energy, etc. I've heard the other candidate is some sort of wingnut from Chattanooga.

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