Nov 4 2019
07:51 am

One of the TVA towers in downtown Knoxville has been nearly empty for years. It would appear the towers are owned by TVA/the federal government.

Knox County is talking about leasing office space in the TVA towers. At 37 cents/sq foot. Downtown office space appears to be going for around $1.25/sq ft.

The University of Tennessee is talking about sub-leasing office space from Knox County in the TVA towers. At $1.00/sq ft. Wow! What a markup.

Hmmph... Are our federal tax dollars being wasted? Well, not wasted, manipulated maybe.

On the other hand, "The space would require tenant improvements at the cost of approximately $125 or less per square foot."

So how does that work out, 37 cents plus $125 (or less) per square foot? Of course the $125/sq ft will be allotted through multiple years.

Oh, and as of right now there is some controversy over security access to the building for the public.

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