Jul 5 2006
09:49 am
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If you don't own a bird you

If you don't own a bird you don't need a Knoxville News-Sentinel.

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Jack McElroy and Gene

Jack McElroy and Gene Patterson should check out these two polls. They are not "scientific" and it is a sample of blog readers but the numbers are different than what I would have thought.

I have mixed feelings about the KNS and WATE "asking" for reader and viewer input. My first impression is that they see the problem of reduced readers and viewers and are serious about learning why it is happening.

But when they keep doing the things that respondents tell them they dislike I wonder if the "asking" is just a PR gimmick.

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yes - but I think I'm going

yes - but I think I'm going to drop it. I only like it for the local sports


it's really worthless 


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