Jan 9 2018
01:55 pm

We got some great news today. We are not losing Scripps Interactive after their merger with Discovery. Rather Knoxville will become the new national operations HQ for the Discovery Network.

Knoxville News Sentinel

Discovery press release...

"National Operations Headquarters in Knoxville

Following an in-depth financial and operational analysis, and based on the strengths, capabilities and advantages of the current Scripps Knoxville campus, the facility will become Discovery’s National Operations Headquarters pending closure of the transaction.

Featuring a compelling environment and infrastructure, Knoxville is a self-contained campus with many amenities and benefits for a National Operations Headquarters, including a low cost of living, and built-in facilities and operational capabilities. It will continue to house the major Scripps brands and creative digital teams along with corporate functions."

S Clark's picture

Great news

This is great news, Bill. Way to go.

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I agree. We were driving by

I agree. We were driving by the West Knox facilities the other day. I was wondering if they would still be in use in a couple of years. Scripps Networks have been a good addition to the area.

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Having fun...

...with USA Today - TENNESSEE's lack of editing skills.

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