Jul 5 2006
10:06 am
Joe P.'s picture

I thought the fossil

I thought the state fossil was Lt. Gov. Wilder ....

WhitesCreek's picture

Click the last link and

Click the last link and you'll see the real fossil....

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Yep, that's the real fossil!!! Amazing how much influence he has lo these millions of years later .....

WhitesCreek's picture

Since I live a scant 25

Since I live a scant 25 miles from Dayton, home of the Scopes Monkey trial, our state fossil can only be 6 to 10 thousand years old. Looking at the picture, I think it could be true.

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Not to be pedantic about

Not to be pedantic about this whole thing, but TN was a shallow sea for many millions of years. Which is why all our homes are built on limestone (a cruel joke, since we're now in the tornado belt and nobody's got a basement).

Sucks that we don't get really cool fossils like icthyosaurs, tho.

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