Jan 17 2023
06:52 am

"Car manufacturers began installing seat belts in passenger cars sold in the United States in the late 1950s. In 1968, the federal government began to require lap and shoulder seat belts in the front outboard seats of all new passenger cars sold in the United States if the lap belt alone could not prevent occupant contact with the windshield. Modern integrated three-point lap and shoulder seat belts, which lock during rapid deceleration, became standard in 1973."
"All states have seat belt laws, except New Hampshire* [the Live Free or Die state]. Laws requiring seat belt use are either “primary” or “secondary” enforcement laws. Primary enforcement laws allow police officers to pull over drivers and issue tickets just because the drivers or their passengers aren’t wearing seat belts. Secondary enforcement laws only allow police officers to issue tickets for seat belt violations if drivers have been pulled over for some other offense."

Tennessee initiated a seat belt law in April, 1986. Tennessee enhanced the seat belt law in July, 2004, to primary enforcement.

* New Hampshire does have a law requiring any person under the age of 18 riding as a passenger in a car to be secured by either a seat belt or a child safety seat.

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