"Business and government organizations partnering to bring solar energy on the local power grid by 2024"... DENSO partners with Silicon Ranch, Tennessee Valley Authority and the city of Maryville.
"Three of the facilities will be built on approximately 150 acres, including the 25 acres off Robert C. Jackson Drive, and produce a combined 10.5 megawatts of energy."
"A release from DENSO states that once all four solar projects are completed and coupled with other energy conservation initiatives, all electrical needs for DENSO’s Maryville plant will be sourced from renewable energy."

"Increasing the use of renewable energy is part of DENSO’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2035 and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing."

Kudos to DENSO. They have definitely been a great partner for Blount County. I guess, since I really don't know anything about what they have done for Blount County except provide jobs.

However, although, on the other hand, with 2.6 million square feet under roof (59 acres?) should they be thinking about putting solar panels on the roofs of their buildings? Also, they have lots of surface parking. Should they be building structures to put solar panels over all parking lots? Just a thought.

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Knox County

Knox County has a bit over 500 acres of site ready industrial parks looking for a purpose. Probably closer to 1000. The only reason we can't do this in the county, at a profit, is lack of will and leadership on the part of county officials. Knox County government is nonfunctional.

Every day we put off planning our infrastructure maintenance and improvement is a day when the ultimate costs of delay rise. Our local government is incompetent at serving the general welfare of Knox County citizens.

Knoxville city, despite being landlocked and having no such site advantages is working on what I believe, is their second solar project of the last few years.

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Wouldn't want to be

Wouldn't want to be progressive.

fischbobber's picture

These days....

I'd take a conservative that understands how local government works. Who would have thought that Ragsdale would look halfway competent in hindsight?

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