Oct 16 2019
06:05 am

I didn't watch this time. A few things I read about:

1) Impeachment was discussed early on in the debate. The only part of the debate I did watch. I was surprised how a few of the candidates did not seem to think there was enough for impeachment.

2) Warren still doesn't say how going to pay for Medicare for All/Single payer healthcare.

3) The winners were Klobachur and Buttigieg.

4) Biden and Harris still not doing so well.

5) Warren was attacked more because she is reportedly the front-runner.

6) Sanders health is great even though he recently had a heart attack.

7) Ellen and George W. Bush's friendship was more important than climate change, housing, immigration.

I'm sure (or hope) there were some important topics discussed. But, unless I'm willing to watch (or read a transcript) the three hour debate, which I am not, I'm dependent on media reports, such as they are.

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