Nov 4 2017
10:47 am

Tucker, 52, is one of a record number of women in her home state of Virginia -- and many more nationwide -- who are putting themselves forward in the hopes of increasing the number of women in legislatures and across government.

"If we want to see equity for women in government in our lifetime, we have to have record-breaking election cycles in the next few cycles to come," she says." We know this isn't going to happen overnight, but we cannot let off the gas right now."

Trump opened the floodgates. Now Democratic women are running for office in record-breaking numbers

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But can any of them win?

But can any of them win?

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No. Because a penis is a

No. Because a penis is a requirement for elected office.

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Thanks. Glad I wasn't

Thanks. Glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read this.

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You betcha

Just watch.

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