Jul 8 2006
02:52 pm
By: StaceyDiamond  shortURL

I haven't seen or heard anything about what Nick Della Volpe has been up to since the primary. I was thinking if he works hard on the new downtown residents he might have a shot. I expect as more and more people move downtown the 1st Dist dynamic will change. Stacey

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....isn't he a republican?

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....isn't he a

....isn't he a republican?

Did he sue to invalidate the Charter? No. Then he deserves your vote.

Same thing with Tom Salter. Did he sue to invalidate the Charter. No. Then he deserves your vote.

And so on and so on.

We are way past Party loyalty now. Vote for the person and against the Political Machine.

This is the last chance to stop Haslamville and I don't mean Bill. Rent "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Back to the Future Part II", you'll get the idea. We don't need "Pottersville" or Haslamville.

Or stick with your old habits and take your chances.

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Holston Hills

I drove through Holston Hills earlier today and Della Volpe's signs were everywhere. In people's yards I mean, not in medians and right of ways like some folks.

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Della Volpe?

....isn't he a republican?


i'm sure all the 'Jordan Republicans' will vote against him ..

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