The Knoxville Bijou Theatre David Crosby concert was postponed last year and now has been cancelled.

David Crosby has sold the recorded music and publishing rights to his entire music catalogue – including the works of the Byrds, Crosby & Nash, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Crosby Stills Nash and Young – citing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crosby said: “If we could get paid for records and play live we would not be doing it. None of us.”

David Crosby sells music catalogue, citing Covid restrictions on touring

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Joining Bob Dylan, Neil

Joining Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Beach Boys, and more

Not all due to the pandemic.

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Hard to believe

Curious which ones need the money. Or think they do.

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Related... (link...)



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And then there's Taylor

And then there's Taylor Swift's issue of having her recordings sold out from her for $300M, for which she's going to re-record and release them over again. Good for her. IMO she's her generation's Dolly Parton, for success, intelligence, and talent.

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