Aug 6 2017
06:46 am

State Rep. Craig Fitzhugh, the House minority leader, says he will run for governor in the 2018 Democratic primary.

Fitzhugh, a banker from Ripley, is a somewhat moderate but outspoken rural Democrat with ties to labor and education.

In this interview with the Tennessean, he says "when I'm elected governor, we're going to expand Medicaid."

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I like what I see so far.

I like what I see so far. Need to get him to East Tennessee for an introduction.

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I'm a fan of Craig Fitzhugh

I'm a fan of Craig Fitzhugh

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Fitzhugh on

Fitzhugh on vouchers...


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It doesn't really matter at

It doesn't really matter at this point what his positions are. For reasons I am happy to expound upon and explain over beer, I would vote for a Democrat I actively hated over a republican that I personally liked.

I say that as one who has accepted that I will never think of myself or describe myself as a Democrat after the last presidential campaign. Republicanism is a cancer on the nation. I'll not be voting for cancer.

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