Dec 25 2021
05:48 am
By: bizgrrl

As of 12/21/2021, the State of Tennessee reported
998 deaths in Knox County from COVID-19.
As of 12/23/2021, the State of Tennessee is reporting
1049 deaths in Knox County from COVID-19. An increase of 51 reported deaths in 2 days.
The Knox County Health Dept. will not be reporting new data until 12/28/2021.

Blount County is showing a jump in COVID-19 deaths as well.
As of 12/20/2021, there were reported 285 deaths.
As of 12/23/2021, they are reporting 317 deaths. An increase of 32 reported deaths in 2 days.

Is this a bad data problem or late reporting of data?

The State of Tennessee reports on Long-Term Care Facility covide-19 resident cases, resident deaths, and staff cases. Within the last 28 days in Knox County there are reported:
14 of 382 residents (4%) have had COVID-19
1 resident has died from COVID-19
11 staff members have had COVID-19

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