Nov 20 2023
07:54 am

From CNBC and the American Farm Bureau Federation,

"A Thanksgiving dinner this year will gobble up less of your wallet, thanks in large part to lower turkey prices. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of a dinner for 10 people will be $61.17, down 4.5% from last year’s record of $64.05."

In the South the cost is $59.10. Yay!

"...a 16-pound turkey is averaging $27.35, down 5.6% from a year ago."
"... prices for cranberries have dropped 18%."

“Labor is up, no two ways about it,” New Jersey Turkey farmer Ronnie Lee said. Employees at his farm make at least $20 an hour. Even so, he added, “finding people to do it can be difficult.”

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