Aug 14 2021
06:00 am

As of 12/26/2020 there were 560,892 reported cases of the coronavirus in Tennessee. 6,443 people died from it. That's over approx. 9 months.

As of 5/6/2021 there were 852,072 coronavirus cases reported. 12,245 people have died from it.

As of 8/13/2021 there have been 941,261 coronavirus cases reported. 12,941 people have died from it.

That's an additional 89,189 cases and 696 deaths in just over 3 months.

Vaccines can be had in plenty of locations. It's time for everyone to protect their fellow citizens. Also, wear a mask. It would be greatly appreciated.

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“In the first 15 days of

“In the first 15 days of August, we’ve [Tennessee] had 1,023 hospitalizations. That is higher than any other full month, combined, in the pandemic,” [Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa] Piercey said. “Our ICU numbers are starting to climb very rapidly. A little more than 40% of all ICU beds in the state are filled with COVID patients.”

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