Sep 13 2020
09:09 am

From reports dated as of September 12, 2020.

There has been a steady increase in coronavirus (covid-19) cases in Tennessee.

According to the TN Dept. of Health,

170,891 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in TN and 2,064 have died from it.

That is an additional 8,529 cases in one week and an additional 202 reported deaths.

2,437,765 tests have been given to Tennessee residents.
That is an additional 131,733 tests in the past week.

Hospitalizations have decreased. From September 6 to September 12 (7 days) the number of patients hospitalized for the coronavirus has decreased by 17.7% (by 150 from 846 to 696).

7.0% of TN residents tested for the coronavirus have tested positive for the coronavirus.

35.4% of the 6.89 million people estimated to live in TN have been tested for the coronavirus.
However, that may not be true. it is not known how tests are counted when a single person gets tested multiple times. Certain people in certain fields of work (medical, education, sports) or physical ability (nursing home residents, hospital patients) may get tested multiple times.

Be careful out there.

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