Nov 29 2020
06:52 am

Coronavirus cases rising steadily, up 8.3% in the past week.
Coronavirus hospitalizations rise dramatically, up 43.9% in the past week.
Coronavirus deaths rising steadily, 16 deaths in the past week.
Over two deaths a day.
Of the 5 Benchmarks sorta, kinda used to determine how Knox County will handle managing the coronavirus, 3 are in the Red and 2 are in the Yellow.

*** Positivity rate = 13% (maintained at 13%)
*** 7-day average is 15.3% (up from 12.2%).
Positivity rate preferred to be below 3%.
As of November 22, 2020, Knox County is in the Red Zone and has been since November 8, 2020.

The Knox County Health Department reports

18,071 coronavirus cases and 1,033 probable cases.

That's 1,389 new cases in the past week,
That's a 8.3% increase over one week ago.

There are 118 Knox County COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized.
Thirty-six more than a week ago. The highest count since the beginning of the pandemic.

There have been 162 deaths in Knox County from COVID-19.
Sixteen deaths due to COVID-19 in the past week.
That's a 11% increase in deaths in the past week (146 as of November 21).

6 in the 18-44 age group (4%)
26 in the 45-64 age group (16%)
38 in the 65-74 age group (23%)
92 in the 75+ age group (57%)

As of November 24, 2020, ICU Bed availability is at 12.2% (278 ICU beds total with 34 beds available) .
ICU bed availability is down as compared to a week ago.
(Note, the week of 9/1/2020, ICU bed capacity was 278, then the week of 9/8/2020, ICU bed capacity was raised to 374, then the week of Sept. 22 ICU bed capacity has been reduced back down to 278.)
(Note, prior to the 8/4/2020 report, ICU bed capacity was 272. It would appear that Knox County hospitals have increased ICU bed capacity by 6 beds.)

The County Health Department has a map with the number of coronavirus cases per zip code.
On November 26, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
(last reported on November 19)

37918 has the most cases with 1,573 cases (population 44,476) (7.4% increase)
37920 with 1,441 cases (population 39,000) (7.7% increase)
37922 with 1,220 cases (population 41,539) (11.4% increase)
37921 with 1,092 cases (population 28,000) (7.8% increase)
37919 with 1,046 cases (population 28,000) (9.1% increase)
37916 with 1,004 cases (population 12,507) (2.3% increase)
37923 with 999 cases (population 30,000) (8.5% increase)
37917 with 790 cases (population 27,000) (7.6% increase)

Be careful out there.

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On the Knox County Health

On the Knox County Health Department web site I get different numbers if looking at it from my tablet versus my smart phone. Specifically numbers for hospital beds and ICU beds. I wonder which is correct?

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