Feb 11 2018
03:03 pm

Via Tom Humphrey

Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker has been talking to colleagues about the possibility of reconsidering his announced retirement, according to a CNN report.

He doesn't like the current candidates? Afraid Bredesen could win?

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Afraid Bredesen could win?

No... Blackburn!

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Perhaps e's got buyer's remorse


Maybe he wants to start over?

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Via Tom Humphrey/Politico, An

Via Tom Humphrey/Politico,

An internal poll taken in late January shows former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen narrowly edging out Blackburn in a hypothetical match-up. With Republicans controlling just 51 seats, a loss in Tennessee and other competitive races could put the Senate in play — despite an electoral map tilted heavily in the GOP’s favor.

The poll, conducted by Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies for a Tennessee business group and obtained by POLITICO, shows Bredesen up 47 to 45, despite a sample that was overweighted with Republicans. The survey shows that voters preferred a generic Republican over a Democrat and strongly approved of Trump, signs that even in a Republican-leaning state like Tennessee, Blackburn is in for a tough race.

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Koch’s support Blackburn even with Corker in

Koch Network Will Support Marsha Blackburn Even If Bob Corker Runs Again

The political network affiliated with billionaires Charles and David Koch will continue to back Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn's Senate bid even if Sen. Bob Corker reconsiders retirement and runs for reelection.
Corker, who has been critical of President Trump in recent months, has been “listening” to Republicans urging him to run again, Politico reported Monday, as concerns about losing the Tennessee seat to Democrats grow. Blackburn's campaign said that she would stay in the race irrespective of Corker's decision.

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Fincher out



There's a sterling example of party loyalty.

"In the interest of defeating Phil Bredesen, I'm calling on all Republicans to support a guy who's not even in the race."

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Side question

What's the last day that a candidate has to file to be qualified to run in the November election?

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April 5?

April 5?

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Lol. We were typing at the

Lol. We were typing at the same time.

Now it's time for Marsha to step aside, and make room for...

Larry Crim?

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