Feb 10 2018
04:50 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Me: (listening to a new album)

The Mrs.: Hope you didn't pay good money for that.

Me: You don't like it? I like the 60s/70s retro vibe and the B3 organ and the guitar harmonies.

Her: Then why don't you just listen to something you already have?

bizgrrl's picture

I have to admit I am one of

As the Mr. has mentioned many times, I am one of those that like songs that bind to my teens (or maybe 20s).

Although, I do really like Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise. I heard him do it acapella on Howard Stern's show in the 90s. He was awesome. I did not know at the time that it was from a sampling of Stevie Wonder's song Pastime Paradise.

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