Why was this proposed?: Parker told Knox News the 90-day period is needed to allow the council enough time to review the South Waterfront's form-based code and potentially make changes. Those changes would "ensure future developments along the South Waterfront align with the legislative intent of the code," she said.

Construction is booming on the South Waterfront. There's a call to pause the building rush

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Heh. It's a little sad to

Heh. It's a little sad to see the apartments going up below Phillips Avenue and Langford Avenue and above the new park. All the homes used to have a water view. No mas.

And, I'll tell you what. Those same apartments have the tiniest balconies. In addition, some of the balcony is not very usable because of the door to the outdoor closet. So far they are also not very attractive. Then, of course, is the parking issue. The little townhomes they are building down there leads to lots of street parking. Will the apartment dwellers use up all the parking at Suttree Landing Park?

Sort of like the parking at the apartments down by Island Home.

Oh, well. What ya gonna do?

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What, if any, government

What, if any, government entity has any sort of control of the development on the waterfront? What are the names of the people and offices involved?

It seems like the "Wild West"

Some thoughtful planning and implementation could have taken that waterfront and made something fantastic. That opportunity seems gone now.

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Thanks to Amelia Parker for trying to slow down the South Waterfront development but not good that she didn't coordinate with Tommy Smith. The revised code is being worked on and there's some hope for the future including that there's more of an emphasis on not providing variances every time they're asked for. But as with the buildings going up at Suttree Park and the plans for development on the south side of the river at Blount Avenue, things aren't looking good for "our" riverfront development to benefit very many people. It is a shame and could have provided more public benefits along the important river's edge.

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