but... they aren't willing to protect our kids from guns.

In the Senate committee hearing Lindsey Graham told Mark Zuckerberg, head of Meta/Facebook/Instagram, that he has "blood on his hands."

Say, what. Sure, social media is causing lots of problems. They do need to be resolved.

Marsha Blackburn asks Mark Zuckerberg, "How much is a child's life worth to you?" How much is a child's life worth to her when she continues to allow easy access to AR15 and near automatic weapons?

Why doesn't Graham care about gun violence? Why doesn't he have blood on his hands as he continues to allow easy access to AR15 and near automatic weapons?

Sandra Clark's picture

Good points

TN state laws relaxing gun restrictions have been ongoing since at least the 1970s. Chip, chip, chip. It's made for great fundraising for the NRA and now the TN Firearms Association.

fischbobber's picture

Yeah, that always struck me as weird.

I mean, the Constitution has always guaranteed the right of militia members to arm themselves, and then made the militia standards so every free man had the option of participating, and the Governor was in charge of regulating the militia members.

The legislator only has the power to legislate to non-militia citizens and the public use of weapons with a view to prevent crime.

I've never been able to figure out the straw man arguments behind loosening civilian gun regulations. I mean, as a citizen armed to help in a national emergency, like say an insurrection, I have an absolute right, under both the state and federal constitution to own, possess and have ready a firearm. What more would I need?

Why would I give up my unconditional constitutional rights to be regulated by the whatever you call the people running the show in the state house and senate? There crazy, and they're regulating the crazy gun owners. It's almost scary.

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And these gun owners would likely not protect me in an insurrection or go to war to save democracy and the United States. They are weak men playing deadly games.

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This one would.

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