Jul 4 2020
12:24 pm
By: fischbobber

Does anyone know of any Knox County business that are compliant with the new mask ordinance? I went to my usual Weigels last night and they will obviously be doing everything they can to undermine any chance of this ordinance there. That's their business. I will take mine else-where.

I'm wondering if there is a group source to determine ahead of time which businesses will operate under the mask ordinance and which will turn the other way and ignore it. I'll have to find someone selling gas. I'll need groceries. I'll need a hardware store, and frankly, I'd like access to rural king, tractor supply and a sporting goods store.

Isn't life ironic? I got the kids raised, the bills paid, and am approaching retirement with as much disposable income as I've ever had, and based on what I saw just looking around on my way home from work last night, no where to spend it.

It sucks to be old in a county where your state representative, county mayor and sheriff are actively engaged in a process to kill your demographic.

I will drive to Blount, Loudon and Monroe Counties to shop and trade at mask compliant businesses if we could somehow come up with a list.

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And yes,

I will continue to boycott non-compliant businesses from this point out.

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Customers at Three Rivers

Customers at Three Rivers Market (food co-op) seem to be about 90% compliant, with certain hours 3 times a week when masks are mandatory. They provide free masks at the entry, so I'm not sure why anyone would not be wearing one.

Kroger Bearden seems about 80% compliant.

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I feel your pain. However,

I feel your pain. However, don't think you'll find any compliant businesses in Blount County. Of course, Blount doesn't require masks, so it depends on what you mean by compliant.

We found Publix Northshore employees to be very compliant and most of their customers were as well. Haven't been there after the new edict.

It's very sad that employers are being put in a position of enforcers. Don't understand why people don't care about their fellow citizens.

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I expected to feel bad for the employees

Then I had one try to tell me that the order was unconstitutional without being able to explain just what part of the constitution or statute law it was in violation of, (sounds just like our mayor, representative Daniels, the law director and sheriff, ignorant buffoons more suited to guard work in a concentration camp than that of government official)and it became clear that people have picked sides in Mayor Jacobs culture war. My nephew already lost his brick and mortar lunch spot due to the slowdown after the furlough (More irony, eh? Thus far Glenn Jacobs is the primary force behind the first round of business closures. I guess he thinks people will listen to his empty rhetoric and buy into his lies.)

I determined last night I was not going to feel sorry for any sales clerk not in or operating in a store in compliance. I will simply boycott those businesses.

I know Aldi's and Fresh Market in Bearden are in compliance with the exception possibly the most insane of the insane. I can wait outside in parking lots for the exceptions to finish their business. Based on what I've seen and read, football season will be in the dumper anyway. We have the healthiest team in the SEC, and one of the healthiest in America. It won't last though. The entire strip was non-compliant last night.It will be impossible to contain the spread without Mayor jacobs support.

Which brings me back to gas stations. Does anyone know of a gas station that is mask compliant and following the law? I will go anywhere in Knox, Blount, or Loudon Counties to trade there.

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I get gas at Food City,

I get gas at Food City, usually early in the day.

I pay at the pump so no interaction with employees. Rarely interaction with customers since I go early.

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If you can handle Facebook, there's a lot of folks posting which businesses are good and which are ignorant. Many postings!!


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Thanks for that. I don't got

Thanks for that. I don't got to Knoxville very much right now but it's great to know whose doing what.

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Seems like I read of a place

Seems like I read of a place giving a discount on beer for customers wearing a mask. #maskup

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I went in Food City in Halls

I went into Food City in Halls Friday morning and saw only one person without a mask. I was shocked because most customers were without masks until Friday. I went to Kroger on Emory road and counted 10 without masks this morning. Probably 80 to 90 % wearing masks. My brother went in Tractor Suppy and very few customers were wearing a mask.Looking at the rising number of cases in Knox County this morning and observing the attitude of folks at Weigel's and other convenient stores as well as restaurants in the area, it seems unlikely that corona virus will disappear in the foreseeable future. It is becoming more than likely that most of us will get the virus eventually. With good leadership from politicians we would not be in this predicament. Trump and Republican governors and mayors like Jacob's share the blame for tens of thousands of deaths and more to come.

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Stein-Mart in Farragut and Morrell are in compliance. If you trade there, thank them, and tell them where you heard about it it will help us all.

The manager reached out to me BTW for what its worth.

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And remember,

On this day when some people will try to single out special groups for special treatment,

ALL countries matter.

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Knoxville Zoo

Knoxville Zoo appears to be in compliance.

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Monroe County

Monroe County is reported to have a mask ordinance for businesses. 500.00 dollars fine for non-compliance.

Yeah! Sloans for sporting goods, hardware and bait (Vonore) and Bentons for bacon and sausage. My life is coming back together.

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West Knox Grocery

Publix, Target, Aldi, Farragut Ingles, Costco, and Fresh Market all appear to be either in or striving for compliance.

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Middlebrook Kroger’s doing well

It’s the only place we’ve been grocery shopping since mid March. This Kroger’s has been much better than the Middlebrook food city before the ordinance so we kept going there. After ordinance much, much better. Workers there confirmed that it’s vastly better since the ordinance passed. Felt like giving all the masked ppl a hug. Out of 60+ ppl ball park’ish with masks I counted 4 without. And I sensed they knew they were noticed. The store also has very obvs neon yellow signs posted by the carts in both entries that masks are required citing the ordinance. The 4th dude I saw w/o a mask stared at the sign upon entry and then walked on in. All carts are being sanitized and their disinfecting wipes are restocked as well. Finally the gas station there has hand sanitizer dispensers which are always full when we get gas.

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Bob's Package Store was

I got out without my mask and turned around to get it. The clerk saw me and thanked me because they'd had a long day of asking people to put on masks. Good job by the Board of Health to step up and do this!

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There's a FB group called

There's a FB group called "Knoxville Store Status" that mostly talks about where you can buy hard to find items, but also has folks posting info about this.

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Posted: Jul 4, 2020 / 01:11 PM EDT / Updated: Jul 4, 2020 / 01:11 PM EDT

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Knox County Election Commission is hosting three open houses/informational sessions on its new Verity paper-based voting system next week.

They are:

Monday from 6 pm – 8 pm at The Change Center, 203 Harriet Tubman St.
Wednesday from 6 pm – 8 pm at the South Knoxville Senior Center, 6729 Martel Lane
Saturday from 10 am – 12 pm at its Downtown West Early Voting Center, 1645 Downtown West Blvd.
Election Commission representatives will show voters the voting system and how to complete and cast a paper ballot.

More information, including videos on how to cast a ballot and a flyer on the proper way to complete a ballot, can be found on the front page of (link...).

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Early voting for the Aug. 6 elections begins July 17.

Voter registration forms will be available for anyone wishing to register to vote. The voter registration deadline for the Aug. 6 election is Tuesday.

Social distancing will be enforced and attendees may have to wait in line, depending on attendance, election administrator Chris Davis said. Masks are highly encouraged.

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The least among us

I went to Graning paint on Friday and all the employees were wearing masks. They hadn't been earlier but seem to have gotten the memo.

Next stop was the nearby family dollar on Magnolia. The manager was kindly (in a kind way) and diplomatically telling customers they would need a mask on their next visit. And to keep back 6' in line. I'm wondering if he might have been a minister in a former life or maybe he is a moonlighting minister and this is his way to find people in need. One customer had fashioned a T-shirt sleeve or something into a homemade gaiter. Another had his T-shirt pulled over his nose. No one was being surly. Outside the door a group of men were grumbling about how it was a $100 fine and then you'd wind up in jail. Like it was their fate. I wonder if the health department can distribute masks to these discount stores - do some outreach. It's a long walk to Dameron ave in the heat.

Bob, why are you asking about gas stations. If you have a credit card you don't need a mask.

Employees at the Elder's ace hardware in South Knoxville have been wearing masks since late April. My imaginary grandson works there and he reports about 85% compliance with the customers - I asked back in May. Krogers across the street has been pretty well masked since April - all the employees and a good percent of customers.

I'm wondering if it's because South Knoxville has a culture of being self reliant. I wouldn't say the Kroger customers are a uniformly educated bunch.

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Credit Cards and bank cards

I had a bad organizational experience in my younger days and determined I was best off staying away from them as much as possible.

Costco, though, seems to be where I'll likely end up for gas.

Just in the past couple days it almost seems like a cultural change is occurring. I hope so.

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Ace has been great all along.

Ace has been great all along. Other sokno businesses, not so much.

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I certainly hope the election employees are wearing masks.

As for voters: maybe early voting will be good locations for the health dept to hand out masks. But I don't feel a mask should be a requirement for voting.

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Today I went to a U Haul in

Today I went to a U Haul in West Knoxville. No masks on workers, no masks on customers coming in. Also went to an apartment building. No masks at all on anyone in the common areas.

I also went to a medical office building and a nursing home. Everyone had masks at both places. And you couldn't even go in the nursing home and still had to have a mask to meet staff outside.

Anyway, Knox Co. is clearly not enforcing the "mandate" at retail establishments and apartment buildings.

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P.S. In sharp contrast, at

P.S. In sharp contrast, at the U Haul in Alcoa every employee was wearing a mask. The enforced six feet distancing. They wiped down anything they handed to you (including the pen to sign stuff) before handing it to you. They weren't enforcing masks for customers (no mandate in Blount Co.) but some were wearing them anyway.

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It is ironic that the best

It is ironic that the best chance to maximize business, and for that matter the economy as a whole, long term, is to be diligent about wearing masks, distancing, cleaning, etc.

Would business people normally exercise long term financially risky practices for their business that could possibly cripple their revenue source?

You can take the health aspect out of it and boil it down to money. Not implementing things that keep people healthy and coming in your doors is going to cost you money in the long run.

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