Jul 18 2006
11:14 am

I hope the people of District Six will vote for Thomas Deakins. I will.

Compare the two candidates Thomas Deakins and Lee Martin.

Thomas Deakins has the more reasonable approach. Deakins understands the issue of overcrowding. It is not on Martin's radar screen. Deakins understands the curriculum in foreign language, math, science, technology and business must be expanded. Martin advocates expanding the "Read with me" program, he claims it has brought hundreds of citizens into the classroom. Does that sound like a good thing? What are the teachers for? If you were a teacher would you want to have non-teachers "reading" to your class?

Behind the scenes both teachers and administrators are concerned with Martin's "INNOVATIVE THOUGHTS". Ask any teacher what they think of these Martin ideas:

INDIVIDUALIZATION - Treating every student as an individual, especially at the early years, getting them placed with students that learn at similar rates. Where used, the results reveal better annual progress, better teacher moral, and greater real self-worth generated in the student.

FLEXIBLE GROUPING - In the fundamental core of reading, math and writing, this term refers to grouping students by skill level and continuously reassessing students to group them where their performance, not their age, dictates.

You can do those things in private schools. Public schools are not private schools. There are local, State, and Federal laws that must be obeyed. Deakins has four children that will be in Knox County schools, Martin has none by choice. A concern is that every time Martin wants to bring an idea from private schools into public schools a great deal of time will be used to see if it is legal to do so. How efficient will that be?

Lee Martin is a very bright creative individual. He would have made a great candidate for another office, like maybe the office of County Mayor.

Lee Martin was personally asked by Mike Ragsdale to run for school board. I wonder why?

Refer to Martin's endorsements. Mayor Eddy Ford, who will not under any circumstance consider matching Knox County's tax contribution percentage to the Knox County school system. John Griess, who sued to invalidate the Knox County Charter. David Collins, who sued to invalidate the Knox County Charter. Mike Arms, Knox County Chief-of-Staff, and Lee Martin's treasurer. And last but not least, Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale who was smart enough to make sure Martin would not run for a different office.

The other issue is the endorsement letter from Fred Dillon, the third candidate for the District Six school board seat who was eliminated in the Primary. Dillon's wife is recently employed with Knox County; I believe it is the same department that Chuck James works in. Mrs. Dillon is also Chuck James's sister in law. Deakins and Martin are running for the seat that Chuck James gave up so he could run for Knox County Commission.

It was no great surprise the Knoxville News Sentinel endorsed Martin.

Kim S.'s picture

I could not agree more

Number 9 you hit the nail on the head with this one. I met Thomas Deakins at a meet the candidate party he has my vote! Her are my notes from talking to him.

He is 35 years old with 4 kids and he sends his kids to Farragut Primary and Farragut Intermediate Schools. He has a very impressive background and understands our school system as well. He was giving me figures on how the school system should have an additional 8 million flowing in from property taxes as they have cut the actual percentage but make it look like a big number due to growth in the tax base. He also pointed out that the IDEA funds from the Fed Govt are not fully funded.

His kids are in the system and he is aware of what happens. He is a member of the PTA going on 4 years and wants to be heavily involved now that his job role changed. He said he used to travel all over the world designing supply chain solutions (whatever that is but it sounded complicated) for Fortune 100 companies. He works for Oracle which is the world's largest database company and does soemthing in their applications with the products and strategy.

He said his dad was a teacher for 20 years and then a county commissioner and then county executive in bledose county which is south of crossville in the sequatchie valley. He laughed as he said his sister is a teacher and his brother is a school board member in the same town in bledsoe county - real good family discussions!

He lists over-crowding as a major issue and will fight for new schools as well as more funds to the classrooms with teacher aides. He was all smiles when asked about his quote of preparing kids for the global economy. He said we must do this and it starts at the elementary level as foreign language is a must as well as science and math. He will be a great voice for the people and I think he is what we need in the 6th District. A vote for Deakins is a vote for reality!

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There is no need to do that

Deakins is the best choice hands down in this race.

He has been taking shots for being 35 but it is time for new blood and energy. Let's look at it this way - Martin is 50 Deakins is 35 and both are going for the same position. The crew that got Martin in this thought they would run him on Mike's coat tails and talk about his greatness with ipix...anyone seen that stock lately or better yet, do they even sell that crap anymore.

Deakins is a newcomer to politics in Knox County and if he wins or loses I am sure one of the parties will be recruiting him hard in 2-3 years.

Good Luck Thomas, wish I could vote for you as I live in south knoxville.

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The Metro Pulse agrees

The Metro Pulse endorsed Deakins.

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