Aug 29 2017
09:30 am

Today is election day for the City primary. 3369 people voted early. Election officials say early voting was higher than for similar elections in past years when the mayor's office was not on the ballot.

Sample ballot...

Where to vote...

UPDATE: Results here...

jbr's picture

Link broken for "Where to

Link broken for "Where to vote"

R. Neal's picture

Should be fixed. They moved

Should be fixed. They moved it or something.

jbr's picture

Working now.

Working now.

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Are there any endorsements

Are there any endorsements from League of women voters, Knox Mercury?

Voting Guide: League of Women Voters

Q&A: Knoxville City Council 2017 Primary Candidates

Bbeanster's picture

League doesn't endorse;

League doesn't endorse; Mercury is gone.

News Sentinel endorsed Michael Covington in the 6th District...

Treehouse's picture

Not reliable

I would say your daily paper of record is not the place to find good endorsements.

Bbeanster's picture

There are some really good

There are some really good candidates this time around. I hate that Lauren Rider and Harry Tindell are pitted against each other. Either/both would be fine council members.

Similar situation in the 6th –– Dr. John Butler, Gwen McKenzie, Brandy Slaybaugh, Maurice Clark, David Gillette have all impressed me.

There are good candidates in the other districts as well – these are just the two I know most about.

jbr's picture

There do seem to be good

There do seem to be good candidates. I like several candidates in my district. Tough decision.

Meet the candidates from WBIR

Meet the candidates from Town Halls in the Districts via youtube

KO's picture

Does it take >50% to win? Or

Does it take >50% to win? Or is it whoever gets the most votes?

Edit: Nevermind. Forgot it was a primary. Top two proceed to general election. Duh.

R. Neal's picture

Does it take >50% to

Does it take >50% to win?

Believe it does work that way for mayor but not council.

Rachel's picture

That's a district 4 hassle.

That's a district 4 hassle. Sigh.

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Nothing in KNS print edition

I'm shocked there are no election results in today's KNS print edition. This is how inflexible the corporate process has become. Results were in by about 8:30 pm last night, but obviously they couldn't wait that late. Everything in print has to receive prior approval in Nashville. This is a disservice to the community.

That said, I'm pleased we have some quality candidates in the running (save one or two).

Treehouse's picture

Except for...

football results! I'm pretty sure they'll hold the paper for that. But since there's no game story any more, they can just report the final score and interview all the players and fans prior to the game!

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Betty Bean has the

Betty Bean has the breakdown...


Despite coordinated efforts to get out the vote, Cliff Rodgers says turnout was less than 10%.

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City Council will meet on the

City Council will meet on the 6th to pick the second place finisher in the 4th.

Rachel's picture

I thought they had to wait

I thought they had to wait until the election was certified on the 15th???

R. Neal's picture

Maybe I misinterpreted, but

Maybe I misinterpreted, but it sounds like they will vote then it will be certified...

Call for special meeting...

Bbeanster's picture

They're going to vote – to

They're going to vote – to accept the result of a coin toss.

That will absolve them from responsibility.

michael kaplan's picture

a US coin?

a US coin?

Rachel's picture

That's not a very

That's not a very satisfactory solution. But neither is anything else. I hope this experience teaches a few people how important their single vote can be.

Bbeanster's picture

Maybe a Bitcoin.

Maybe a Bitcoin.

R. Neal's picture

City Council votes 9-0 for

City Council votes 9-0 for Tindell. Surprise, surprise!

Rachel's picture

I knew if they voted, it

I knew if they voted, it would be Tindell. But I'm really surprised they voted, and I'm surprised it was unanimous. That was a really big dis to Amelia Parker.

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