May 30 2019
05:36 am

The ballot is set for the Aug. 27th City of Knoxville primary election. The general election is on Nov. 5th. Mayoral candidates can win in the primary with 50% of the vote + 1. The top two candidates in each city council race will advance to the general. Here are the candidates...


• Michael W. Andrews: Facebook, Twitter

• Fletcher "Knoxville" Burkhardt: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Indya Kincannon: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Eddie Mannis: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Calvin Taylor Skinner: Facebook

• Marshall Stair: Website, Facebook, Twitter

City Council at Large Seat A

• Lynne Fugate: Website, Facebook

• Charles F. Lomax, Jr.: Website, Facebook, Twitter

City Council at Large Seat B:

• David Hayes: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Janet Testerman: Website, Facebook, Twitter

City Council at Large Seat C

• Amy Midis: Website, Facebook

• Amelia Parker: Website, Facebook

• Hubert Smith: Facebook

• Bob Thomas: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• David Williams: Facebook

City Council District 5

• Charles Al-Bawi: Website, Facebook

• Charles Thomas: Facebook

Municipal Judge

• John R. Rosson, Jr.

Campaign finance disclosures

• Michael W. Andrews
Fletcher "Knoxville" Burkhardt
Indya Kincannon
Eddie Mannis
• Calvin Taylor Skinner
Marshall Stair
Lynne Fugate
Charles F. Lomax Jr.
David Hayes
Janet Testerman
Amy Midis
Amelia Parker
• Hubert Smith
Bob Thomas
David Williams
Charles Al-Bawi
Charles Thomas
John R. Rosson, Jr.

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