May 19 2017
07:49 am

A Knoxville City Council election will be held on November 7. Offices on the ballot are City Council District 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. The primary is on August 29. As of yesterday, 31 candidates have picked up petitions. The withdrawal deadline is May 25th.

More info:

Candidate list

Election schedule

See also:

Betty Bean profiles some of the candidates...

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Fix the Bean link please?

Fix the Bean link please?

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Oops. Fixed. Thanks.

Oops. Fixed. Thanks.

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In case anybody wonders, I

In case anybody wonders, I only thumbnailed the candidates who showed up for the meeting. I also gave them all a free pass, pretty much. Some really good candidates turned in petitions at the last minute, as well.

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That was an excellent overview of the candidates (who showed up), Betty. Lots of insights in just a little space, really, which is where you excel.

Don't know where else we could have gotten it, especially so early in the race, either.

Glad you're still on the job via Knox TN Today.

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