Aug 21 2022
06:07 am

The City of Alcoa continues uncontrolled and costly development with 1,083 new apartments/townhomes in the next 4 years. This is in addition to the 269 apartment complex added behind Lowe's in 2014.

The population of Alcoa as of the 2020 census was 10,978. The growth in new multi-family housing will easily grow the city by 10-20%. Where are the plans for managing the infrastructure to handle this growth, e.g. schools, roads, police, and fire?

It is funny and sad how the four governments, Alcoa, Maryville, Blount County, and Knox County, have so poorly handled the Pellissippi development. After about 14 years, it appears TDOT will be taking a large portion of the land for a road. After about 14 years only one business was added to the property and it appears they are no longer in business. Alas.

A 450-unit apartment complex is planned for Pellissippi Place, August 2022. Projected to open in 2024. Will eventually be right next to the extended I-140 interstate (Pellissippi Parkway).

A 300-unit apartment complex breaks ground in Springbrook Farm, March 2022.

A 141 unit townhome project, Clover Ridge subdivision, was approved June, 2021.

Alcoa OK's 192-unit apartment complex at old Pellissippi State site, December 2018. Will open in 2021

A 269 unit apartment complex, The Ridge at Hamilton Crossing, opened in approximately August, 2014.

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Parkway Extension still a bad idea

So TDOT "buys" 60 acres (cost per acre of the land for these proposed apartments is $250,000.00) and takes that valuable land off the tax roles. Then they build an unneeded interstate right next to the new apartments.

It looks like the developers of Pellissippi Place need the interstate so they will have the money to move infrastructure that they installed where the highway is scheduled to go.

How this makes sense for anybody is a mystery.

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