What's good for the goose is not good for the gander

How is this city/state relationship in Tennessee?

When Arizona passed a sweeping measure last year prohibiting all cities within the state from taking any action contrary to state laws, Republican lawmakers said it was about getting everyone on the same page.

Arizona's city leaders — most of them Democrats — saw handcuffs.

Cities Have a Good Idea? Not Unless the State Says So

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It's a concept called 'tenant

It's a concept called 'tenant cities' or 'state preemption.' For example (Bill Lyons, correct me if I'm wrong), Knoxville cannot legally mandate a contractor (on a city project) to pay its workers a living wage. While ostensibly 'saving taxpayer money,' it can have adverse effect on a community's economy. It's also possible - I'm not sure - that the city cannot mandate a quota of 'affordable' housing in a development project that receives public financing or tax incentives. Then, of course, there's the issue of charter schools, where the state, I believe, can preempt the decision of a local school board to reject a charter school application.

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Local autonomy is a relic of the past.

Look for the state to quash local regulation of VRBO/HomeAway/Airbnb, impact fees to real estate developers, local hiring quotas, etc.

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