Feb 5 2024
07:05 am

Have you cut the cable? Into streaming?

No longer does streaming actually save money and eliminate ads. Oh, you want Netflix, $6.99 with ads or $15.49 without ads. Similar pricing goes for Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and Paramount+. AppleTV will have ad and no ad versions soon.

Then, of course, you still have to pay for Internet, e.g. $50/month. Most people also pay for cell phone service, $50/month. It's expensive trying to keep up with technology.

Up Goose Creek's picture

Old Skool

I'm trying to get over being cheap but it would be harder to get over being a luddite.

So I take advantage of the huge selection of DVDs at the library.

Along those lines, does anyone have a little TV with built in DVD they'd like to sell? PM me.

Now that KUB fiber is in the neighbourhood I think about signing up, money isn't the problem, just being a technophobe. My former computer guru moved away. Can anyone reccomend a competent, tolerant tech guru who makes house calls?

bizgrrl's picture

Heh. The Geek Squad at Best

Heh. The Geek Squad at Best Buy. We've used them a couple of times and have been very happy with the results.

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