Jul 19 2007
08:40 am
By: Stormare Mackee

Here's compassionate conservatism for you: President Bush is threatening to veto legislation that would renew a program that assists with providing health coverage for poor children. His veto is based on "philosophical" grounds, in spite of bi-partisan support in the Congress. The Great Divider rationalizes that the continuation of the program is "really beginning to open up an avenue for people to switch from private insurance to the government." Earth to Bush: The program is for families who do not have private insurance and are too poor to afford one. Again, slowly: Poor. Children. If you're so "pro-life", Mr. President, how about helping kids who are already born to stay alive before worrying about the "unborn".

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That's ridiculous and

That's ridiculous and sickening.

Gabby Kindell

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Children's health ain't really the issue

Old people, the very poor, veterans, and federal employees already have US govt.-provided health care. Bush and politicians like him aren't afraid that programs like SCHIP will fail; they're afraid it will work, that people will like the results, and that as a result their patrons in the private health-insurance rackets will go out of business. In other words, they are far more interested in keeping their campaigns funded than in keeping Americans healthy.

Little Bush is even braying that this represents an expansion of "socialized medicine." Dang right it does; more health to the effort.

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