Feb 4 2021
06:48 pm

Says Democrats are setting a bad precedent and there are Democrats in Congress who have done worse.

So Burchett is fine with a colleague who says school shootings are a hoax, 9/11 was faked, Jewish space lasers cause California wildfires, and proudly posts racist remarks on social media and makes violent threats against members of Congress should not be accountable and should in fact be allowed to shape federal law and influence US policy.

OK, then.

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Thank you for the truth.

Thank you for the truth.

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11 Republicans voted to

11 Republicans voted to remove Greene from committees.

JaHu's picture

At least there are a few

At least there are a few semi-rational thinkers in the Republican party.

bizgrrl's picture

No new precedent would need

No new precedent would need be set if Rs would discipline their own. But, noooo... They've lost it.

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100% totally agree.

100% totally agree.

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Greene should lose her power

Greene should lose her power in congress. And if Burchett has evidence of Democrats doing something far worse, then he should prove it. But using that as an excuse for not voting to remove Greene from any committee is once again another rediculous rationalization on Burchetts part.

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