Jun 19 2021
06:18 am

Burchett implies that Trump was a better president than Biden.
What planet is he from?

From WATE:

“I think it’s basically for show and I don’t think we showed very well. I was, you know, we’ve allowed Russia to have their pipeline and, but we can’t have the Keystone (Pipeline),” Burchett said.

“We’ve got this situation where the hackers are getting into our system, they talked about it but Biden didn’t give any consequences, that’s the difference in him and (Donald) Trump. Our enemies no longer fear us and our friends are questioning whether we’re friends anymore because of the actions we’re taking.”

The United States and the world have become better places since Biden was elected president. No more hate and vitriol from the White House. We now have someone who understands tact and diplomacy in the White House. We now have someone in the White House that understands that all people are equal.

What kind of person does Tennessee have representing them in Washington that still believes our previous president was good for our country?

R. Neal's picture

"Our enemies no longer fear

"Our enemies no longer fear us and our friends are questioning whether we’re friends anymore"

Huh? He's describing Trump's administration exactly. Biden's is the opposite

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But he is correct about this:

Rep. Burchett: "More people believe in UFOs than in Congress"

bizgrrl's picture

Burchett on UFOs or

Burchett on UFOs or himself?

"He said that the sightings of UFOs are one of three things: a diversion to get our attention away from something else, an anomaly on our radar, or it’s something from outer space."

Does he want his constituents to know the good things that are happening with Biden as president?

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There is an alternative to Burchett

It's official. I'm running for Congress. More info to come, but if you'd like to be one of those incredibly valuable early donors (and can do so old school), please send a check to: Mark Harmon for Congress, PO Box 27185, Knoxville TN 37927. Thanks, Mark

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