The first arrest of the incident began at about 1 a.m. Officers said a "suspicious subject" got out of a vehicle in the Market Square Garage. The 20-year-old man was detained without incident. KPD said officers found and confiscated six handguns, two shotguns, two rifles and various quantities of narcotics from the man and the vehicle.

Buildings vandalized in downtown Knoxville, officer injured, two arrested

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Look at all the white people

Look at all the white people vandalizing Market Square. At least they were wearing masks.

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Yeah, like this fellow.

Yeah, like this fellow.


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On the other hand, let's not

On the other hand, let's not overlook this irony from knoxoasis aka "please forgive me but I just can't muster up the balls to unmask myself on this site." Such a delicate little snowflake.

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Since this has become your

Since this has become your go-to response to my occasional posts I'll take a moment to address it. There are really only two reasons I can surmise as to why you would be so insistent on knowing who I am.

The first is that you are under the misapprehension that the validity of my observations or comments is dependent upon who I am, in which case you need a lesson in basic logic. You would be falling into the trap of arguing ad hominem, which is adequately explained at the link. So to use my most recent post as an example, "look at all the white people vandalizing Market Square." The video is at the link. You can judge it for yourself. And whether I am a cop or the mayor or a bread baker or a homeless guy does not change the content of the video. A comment or argument stands on its own merits, and attempts to judge them based on the maker are certainly fallacious, and usually are made simply to avoid addressing the argument itself.

But let me do you the courtesy of assuming you know this. After all, one does not ordinarily become a wealthy man of the people like yourself without having some level of smarts and sophistication. So that leads me to the other, more sinister motive you might have for being obsessed with my identity, and that would be intimidation, harassment or retribution. If you understand that ad hominem argument is garbage, then I can only conclude that your desire to unmask me is born from a desire to shut me up, or in the alternative to use that information against me in some fashion, which entirely in my mind justifies my decision to post anonymously in the first place.

Now I recognize that I am a guest here. While my posts, infrequent as they are, may challenge or even sometimes offend, I do try to keep it civil. I may be snarky but I try never to be personal. On occasion I have dropped posts that the host here apparently felt stepped over the line. Those posts were deleted by the hosts and I have never complained, but rather learned and tried to moderate my voice so as not to elicit that response. But Randy and Co. are perfectly free to ban me from this board or remove my posting privileges. If you click on my name you will see I have been a member here for 9 years and that has yet to occur. I'm here because, apparently unlike some, I find opinions that are not my own informative and challenging, and I learn from people here almost every day.

A final thought: in the 9+ years I've been reading and posting at this site you are the first and only person who has openly called for me to be doxxed. Perhaps you should worry less about what my anonymity says about me, and concern yourself more with what that fact says about you.

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mysterious stranger..

Does AC actually know who your are? I am guessing he does

"""that leads me to the other, more sinister motive you might have for being obsessed with my identity, and that would be intimidation, harassment or retribution"""?

I doubt it. I am guessing AC knows your actual interests and how who you are gives context to your statements.

BTW, I don't care who you are

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Oh, my. I think for the

Oh, my. I think for the first time in my life I nearly feel compelled to resort to using that time-honored southern exclamation, "Bless his heart!"

I am certainly not questioning your "right" to post anonymously as long as Randy is fine with it. I'm simply exercising my own right to question your civic courage in doing so.

Believe it or not, I'm well-schooled in logic, literally. I am not resorting to an ad hominem attack in my post. In fact, I didn't question or address the content of your post at all, except to perhaps add a bit of detail and depth to it.

In all fairness, I haven't seen many ideas or thoughts from you that especially merit the status of standing on their own merits. Perhaps they exist, but I haven't seen them. However, in my experience, knowing the source and perspective behind ideas and comments can provide greater insight and illumination - even sometimes substance - by putting them in a context, as Roger notes elsewhere. Otherwise, I tend not to take you seriously - just like the Bots on FB whose actual pages reveal no real friends or content. Nothing personal (how could it be?), just my perspective.

At any rate, I would never try question your rights, and I certainly would never threaten harm to anyone because of their opinions. I don't even always necessarily disagree with you, though sometimes I find your intent and actual points to be a bit obtuse and unclear. But you express yourself at times with such a strong attitude and perspective, I'm surprised that you don't choose to stand up and own your point of view. For me, it would add weight to what you have to say. But you also have the right to not care about that as well.

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Young looking group Looks

Young looking group

Looks like they were still within curfew

Tennessee curfew

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"...the trap of arguing ad hominem..."

"... the trap of arguing ad hominem ... "
- knoxoasis

God, I love it when someone writes a Latin term in italics. Gives me a true Chris Matthews moment.

David Moon

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I was taught that this was

I was taught that this was proper in formal writing. As I am approaching 60, my education on this point may be out of date.

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Garage arrest of possible accelerationist

Neo-Nazi Accelerationists Calling For Terror Attacks During Protests

Accelerationism—a decades old, hyper-violent doctrine among the far right that seeks to hasten the collapse of society through terrorist acts—has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity among neo-Nazi paramilitary types, who have propagated its teachings on far-right social media platforms during the pandemic. In April, one man in Missouri, who was under investigation by the FBI for his links to a neo-Nazi terror group, died during a gunfight with police. They had intercepted him before he attempted to bomb his local hospital, which was struggling with the coronavirus outbreak.

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From the Tennessean, "A

From the Tennessean,

"A protester asked the Tennessee National Guard to lay down their riot shields. They did"

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