Jun 4 2018
04:22 pm

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We were paddling on Little River and went under the railroad bridge next to the Alcoa Highway bridge at the Knox/Blount county line. I paddled over to see if my mark was still there. It was! From 47 years ago. That's mine on the right, and my buddies' are on the left. We made them by chipping off paint with a rock. Apparently they haven't painted it since 1971. There's a plaque that says "American Bridge Company, USA, 1928."

We used to jump off this railroad bridge. Remember the scene in Stand By Me? That happened to us one time. A train came around the bend and we were not far enough out to jump but too far out to go back. We ran as fast as we could on railroad ties to barely make it out far enough to jump. A boat just happened to be passing underneath and my friend narrowly missed it. Those were the days.

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In a related story......

Southern Railroad announced today that it had solved a thirty-seven year old vandalism mystery. "We finally figured out who those little shits are and we're going to make them pay," said Southern Railway spokesman Clyde McCroskey. "Everyone was afraid to go after those little bastards because of Kent State and we didn't want to look like assholes, but Trump's our boy now and those sonsabitches are gonna pay for a new bridge." We'll update the story as it unfolds.

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Well done, sir!

Well done, sir!

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Ha ha, both! That train

Ha ha, both! That train scene happened to me once too, when a couple friends and I foolishly walked across the trestle that crosses Melton Lake near Elza Gate in Oak Ridge. For some reason, we spent the day on the east side of the lake (formerly river) looking for arrowheads which we never found. Jake Butcher would later build his infamous house nearby. I believe Calhoun's took over the restaurant that's in view nearby on Melton Lake Drive.

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