Jul 4 2018
11:18 am

People, wealthy people and their support staff used to live in castles. Large structures made of thick stone with guard towers and plenty of ports that defensive weapons could be fired through. They were frequently surrounded by a moat or water feature that might have dangerous reptiles or.amphibians in them. They were state-of-the-art a thousand years ago. Things changed more slowly back then so, that technology had been state-of-the-art for multiple thousands of years already. They were also frequently overrun and their inhabitants raped and enslaved or killed. When you use a technology that long, folks have plenty of time to come up with workarounds or plans to defeat it. Castles were certainly better than nothing but they were clearly not optimal.

The advance of technology has made castles even less secure. Those on the inside can be contacted and coerced or corrupted. Power tools can aid in digging under or, cutting through, walls. Water is easily navigated by inexpensive boats. Modern explosives could make the inhabitants long for an attack by a simple trebuchet with a flaming oil payload. Time has not only NOT made castle technology more relevant, it has rendered it nothing more than a cute(ish) anachronism.

A friend on the reich-wing recently said what I honestly hope will never be topped as one of the dumbest things I have had the bad luck to have heard. It was such an incredibly shallow analysis of a situation that I had trouble believing it was coming out of the mouth of a reasonably educated individual. He said that “all you liberals want to just throw the borders open and let anyone in that wants to come here for any reason”. I was gobsmacked. There I was, an opinion writer with tens of thousands of words of socio-political commentary published in newspapers, magazines, and online. I am widely known to pontificate and offer verbal opinions in social and professional situations. Yet there he was, NOT asking me what I, or other liberals I interact with, want or think. No, he was TELLING me what I thought, what I wanted. Well, at least he was telling me the caricature of what liberals think that is promulgated in reich-wing media to make the idiots feel better about themselves. But no, that is not what I think or want and never in all of my online and in-person conversations have I heard anyone, much less an actual liberal, espouse such a preference. My friend lied to my face about something which only I and other liberals could possibly be the arbiters of truth - what we think. That is sadly what passes as political discourse on the reich-wing and why our nation may not recover.

For multiple decades my position has been that to be a nation you have to have defensible and defended borders. I have expanded the concept of borders to include electronic. I might also include subordinate variations such as cultural and diplomatic borders that are also deserving of scrutiny. I am highly and stridently in favor of active border control. EVERY liberal and Progressive with whom I have spoken agrees that border control is a necessity and a priority. So why are we tarred with such an obvious and idiotic lie? Because we believe that technology that was first defeated several thousands of years ago is unlikely to be effective today.

To spell out what I am saying - there are those American citizens who are so mind-numbingly stupid that they actually believe castle-level technology, building big walls, is the way to secure our nation’s border. They seem oblivious to the fact that even though there is a couple thousand miles of ocean off of either coast, humans are still smuggled in that way. They seem oblivious to the fact that China's Great Wall, which I assure you we cannot and will not afford, has been breached countless times with some sections having been dismantled completely. Yet, that is the technology the GOP idiotically believes will secure our Southern border. Now, to be fair, several people, several contractors, stand to make billions of dollars from the construction of such a white elephant. So I understand why the crook in possession of the presidency and his friends want the wall. But most Americans will do nothing but lose money and they will lose money a hundred different ways from the wall and the attitude that would allow it to be built. The regular folks that promote such idiocy are probably nice enough people but, thinking sure as hell aint their strong suit.

The anger directed at liberals, the repeating of idiotic and false accusations about what we might think individually and/or collectively, appears to be based in the desire that the Trump-supporter level of stupid be the norm. Those of us who wish to use methods and technology and reasoning that wasn't defeated a couple of thousand-plus years ago are the modern day equivalent of witches to those mired in pre-Christ security thinking.

Any real securing of our borders will require some clear and honest assessments of our part, be it corporate or governmental, in making the would-be immigrant's home countries undesirable. We will have to seek methods of remediation for that undesirability whether it is actually our fault or merely something we can positively affect.(No, not because I want us to be police to the world but, because that is what it takes to move us toward our stated goal.) We will have to use technologies that are current to know what we are facing and we will have to accurately and honestly assess our need for immigration. We will have to see where the Russians and others are coming in electronically. We will have to monitor and possibly control what we export culturally. We could legalize recreational pharmaceuticals so as to remove the profit margins from the illegal drug trade. There are a thousand things we can do that will positively affect the security of our Southern border but, if someone insists on promoting methods and technologies that were defeated in the Bronze Age, they should expect to be ridiculed and dismissed.

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Excellent observations.I

Excellent observations.

I would add that liberal/Democratic calls to abolish ICE are a non-starter and misguided. Drastic reforms are needed, starting with their bosses and their wrongheaded policies, but ICE has a job to do that needs to be done. It just needs to be done with compassion and according to the law.

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Thanks for the post. Very

Thanks for the post. Very well said. With this administration we'll keep going back in time.

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