Jul 26 2022
09:24 am

In 2017 glass recycling ended for Blount County residents.

It's back! As of July 15, 2022, Blount County began accepting glass at the recycling center at 331 Levi Street in Maryville. "Other than laminated safety glass, any glass type can be recycled at the center."

To make this happen, "the Blount County Highway Department started work to build a glass recycling program capable of both serving community needs and sustaining itself over time."

"That machinery includes an on-site mill capable of grinding glass into a powder fine enough for comparison to confectioners’ sugar.... "the glass is pulverized and converted into one of three types of recycled materials, ranging from ⅜ of an inch to a pure powder..." "After it’s run through the mill, recycled glass can be used in a variety of road repairs, as well as in walking trails, pipe bedding and farm soil."

Who'd a thunk Blount County could be progressive?

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