With a population of approx. 133,000, Blount County saw five new deaths Friday from the virus, bringing its total to 41.

With a population of approx. 470,000, "Two more deaths were reported in Knox County, bringing the total to 105 since the pandemic began."

Does the mask mandate make the difference? Or something else?

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What about, "Maryville

What about,

"Maryville Christian School did not offer an online learning option at the beginning of this school year for its 250 students.

“We believe very strongly that students need social interaction and face-to-face instruction,” Wallace wrote The Daily Times. “We are fully aware that we cannot eliminate all the COVID-related risks that come with being on campus. But rather than choosing to live in fear and isolation, we are striving to take appropriate precautions and move forward. Part of Christian Education is teaching through example. We want to demonstrate the wisdom of taking appropriate precautions without being dominated by fear. We also want to demonstrate faith in our God who is in complete control.”

Although, Maryville Christian School did transition to online learning for a brief period after fall break.

No masks at outdoor activities is not unusual. At many of the college (e.g. UTK) and high school football games there are lots of people without masks and no social distancing.

I've complained to the Alcoa City Schools about track teams running through Springbrook Park in groups without masks. They were running on the walking paths not giving space to the local citizens using the path. Apparently Alcoa High School does not have a track on campus.

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"We also want to demonstrate

"We also want to demonstrate faith in our God who is in complete control.”

And so it was that God sent the CDC and the NIH and masks and the wisdom to prevail over the scourge. But alas his children did not partake in what he provided nor heed his word of life, choosing instead the path of the false prophets, and lo they perished.

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Flaw is that

people other than the Believers are at risk.

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