Jul 3 2021
11:59 am

Redditors on /r/knoxville report the sidewalk under the Henley Bridge has been fenced off. 303 Flats residents are not pleased. I, like many of them, thought that was a public waterfront greenway.

Video of fence under Henley Bridge

Mar 4 2017
03:59 pm
By: jmcnair

Cari Wade Gervin gets coverage at ThinkProgress showing the yuge rally in Nashville.

Feb 13 2015
09:38 am

Good Old Punk Tyler Harber is back in the news. I didn't know he and James O'Keefe were "classmates."


Sep 2 2012
03:30 pm

So my long-time account at got banned a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering whether I want to bother creating a new one.


Jul 11 2012
06:26 pm

So early voting starts this Friday the Thirteenth for the August 2, 2012 elections. The Sample Ballot shows our options for this State Primary and County General Election.


Jun 8 2008
03:27 pm
By: jmcnair

I've watched with some amusement the R political machine use the Luntz philosophy on framing the debate by controlling the vocabulary. Now even Joe Lieberman is using the phrase "Democrat Party" in an email message sent in support of John McCain.


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