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Feb 22 2021
10:01 am
By: michael kaplan

Pratt & Whitney will build a 1 million square-foot advanced manufacturing center on a 100-acre Asheville site the Biltmore Farms Co. offered to Pratt & Whitney for $1, part of $15 million in state economic incentives plan that lured the company to North Carolina instead of several competing states.


Feb 21 2021
10:48 pm

Here is the Coldwell Banker Wallace December report.



Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Greg Mackay
Real Estate Broker

Every decade, coinciding with the census, states redraw their legislative maps to better reflect where people live. In most states, lawmakers draw the maps, though a handful use commissions. The stakes are high: Some states will gain congressional seats, while others will lose them. These boundaries are then set for 10 years, barring intervention by the courts, and determine who votes where.

It's time to redraw America's voting maps. Where's the data?

The former Knox County Sheriff, Jimmy "JJ" Jones, has been away from the office for more than two years after Tom Spangler began serving the county. Now, Jones is saying he wants the chance to serve again.

Jimmy "JJ" Jones to run for Knox County Sheriff again in 2022

Democratic TV on Community TV, WJBE owner Joe Armstrong discusses the history of WJBE with station manager Gene Thomas. Learn about the history of the only black owned radio station in Knoxville from the current owner Joe Armstrong about his relationship with James Brown and the journey of the station over its decades long history.

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Feb 18 2021
12:20 pm

Peserverence expected to enter Mars atmosphere around 3:48 PM EST and land on the surface of Mars at around 3:55 PM EST. Live video will not be available, but mission scientists will receive continuous telemetry about the lander's status and progress. (Signals take 11 minutes and 22 seconds to reach Earth.) NASA TV coverage begins at 2:15 PM EST.

More info: NASA's Next Mars Rover Is Ready for the Most Precise Landing Yet

Tennessee Lookout:

Tennessee is likely to reject hundreds of millions of dollars President Joe Biden is offering states to expand Medicaid as part of his $1.3 trillion COVID-19 relief package, even though hundreds of thousands of people remain without healthcare coverage.


Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and other top Republicans, including Gov. Bill Lee, adamantly oppose widening the net for TennCare.

The project will also add bike lanes, street lighting, on-street parking and a new roundabout.

City plans for multi-million dollar overhaul of Sevier Avenue

Pretty harsh ...

"Oftentimes when they are evicted for lot rent, they're forfeiting the equity on the home. You could lose your home for $1."

"You're selling under a fire sale," Slonski said. "I've seen people sell their homes on Facebook Marketplace for $1,000."

Mobile home dwellers hit even harder when facing eviction

Feb 14 2021
01:33 pm

Looks good. I wonder if Covid-19 impacted those any.

Officials said the average annual number of crashes involving walkers and bikers fell by 89 percent while traffic crashes fell by 44 percent.

Cumberland Avenue project improves safety

Feb 14 2021
11:41 am

I'm having a pie day give-away on March 14th, and wanted to invite everyone to participate!

Register for your free pie at

We'll also be accepting donations for Young-Williams Animal Center!

preview_Celebrate-Pie-Day (1)_0.jpg

Feb 14 2021
09:41 am

This is an unbelievable edit.

A Republican congresswoman from Washington state is corroborating a CNN report that former President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy were involved in a heated phone call during the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot in which Trump allegedly said the rioters "are more upset about the election" than McCarthy. Her revelation prompted the Senate Saturday to do what was previously unexpected and subpoena witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial.

Trump's heated call with House Republican leader during riot confirmed by GOP congresswoman

Rep. Herrera Beutler in middle of impeachment trial turmoil

Feb 12 2021
06:07 am

The story keeps moving. Result? KCHD elects to no longer receive Pfizer vaccines?!?!?

WATE reports, Knox County Health Department reports 975 missing Pfizer coronavirus vaccines.

They think someone accidentally threw them away. Apparently they don't look in all the boxes and just assumed the boxes contained the dry ice cooling product, not vaccines.

Then a KCHD spokesperson "said there is no evidence that the vaccine shipment arrived at the Knox County Health Department."

Pfizer responds, "Pfizer ships whatever order quantity a certain location asked for, and monitors the temperature and routes of the vaccines throughout the shipment process. Once the vaccines are received and accepted by the point of use facility, the facility is responsible for monitoring the temperature or location."

A KCHD "spokesperson said there are steps in place moving forward that would prevent vaccine to go missing."

Moving forward?

WATE further reports, "The statement from TDH [Tennessee Dept of Health] also revealed that KCHD had voluntarily elected to receive the other vaccine product and will not receive Pfizer vaccines in the future; with the exception of the second doses that will need to be administered over the next three weeks."

I'm not sure that's a good response, but whatever.

Newly elected Tennessee State Democratic Party Chair Hendrell Remus shares his goals for the Tennessee Democratic Party with Knox County Democratic Party Chair Matt Shears on DTV on Friday, Feb 12 @ 9:30PM.

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Feb 10 2021
09:22 am

For those elegible...

Update: all full.


Shelby, 86, is now the fourth Republican senator to announce plans to retire at the end of the current Congress.

GOP Sen. Richard Shelby announces he won't seek re-election in 2022

Feb 7 2021
06:44 pm
By: michael kaplan

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