Sep 19 2018
05:07 pm

Some folks downtown aren't real happy about Marsha Blackburn's fundraiser luncheon at Club LeConte with Vice President Pence on Friday the 21st. The First TN Plaza parking garage will be closed Friday until 3PM, even if you have a monthly permit. There are no deliveries allowed before 3PM. Several downtown blocks will be restricted with no pedestrian traffic allowed between noon and 3PM. No one will be allowed into First TN Plaza during this time.

There are lots of lawyers and other professionals in the building, along with other merchants such as restaurants, a bank, barber shops, etc., that will be affected. We are told that people are scrambling to adjust calendars, rearrange meetings, etc., and that Club LeConte didn't coordinate with building management about the event. Tenants were only advised about all this today, giving them little time to prepare.

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Any protests planned?

Any protests planned?

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A couple at least according the the Book of Faces

Pence/Blackburn/CPAC Triple Shot Protest from 10AM to 2PM at the Convention Center

UT Progressive Student Alliance is doing a 5:30 to 7:30 on Gay Street outside Club Leconte

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from the ever dependable Martha Boggs at the Bistro...

Happy Hour for Phil Bredesen!

You can join Martha Boggs at the fabulous Bistro for a special Happy Hour for Phil Bredesen! Martha wants to spread the good word about Bredesen and his desire to work with everyone to get things done for TN families!

No, he won’t be there, but you can sign up to volunteer, get a yard sign, or make a donation to make sure we send Marsha back to her house and not the People’s House!

Yes, we know the not-so-dynamic duo Mike and Marsha will be across Gay St. at Club LeConte selling access for thousands of dollars with CPAC and NRA folks, but at the Bistro, people will be talking to regular TN folks about what they want to see happen in Washington!

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No Parking Signs

Don't know about protests other than unaware motorists yelling in their cars when they find there is less parking, but: As a downtown resident near the building in question, I came home tonight to see a bunch of "temporary no parking" signs all up and down city streets near the building. I thought, "what's up with that?" since I'm usually aware of stuff going on that impacts parking. Now I know what's afoot. FWIW, the signs have a time slot of 11 pm Thursday night until 5 pm Friday. I park in Kessel garage nearby, so no big deal unless they make us vacate the premises on short notice -- which would be kinda tough. But, there will be some low level traffic chaos downtown on Friday it appears. At this point, there appears to be not one iota of information about this on the city's web site that I can find. I hope they get something up showing what is affected. To be clear, not blaming the city, just would be nice to have more clarity. So, kudos to KnoxViews, as this seems to be the only information out there right now. If anyone has more, a link would be great.

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Temporary closures

Based on an evening walk (which is something I do regularly, not related to this activity, to be clear), there are 11 pm Thursday - 5 pm Friday temporary no parking closures on:

- South Central from the south end of the State Street garage to Neyland
- Main Street from at least the Medical Arts building down to Gay Street (in front of the post office, etc)
- The short stretch of Cumberland from State Street to South Central
- Gay Street from Hill Avenue to Cumberland (mostly delivery spaces)
- The delivery spaces around the First TN building

Not guaranteed to be an exhaustive list. More importantly, if there are areas of "don't come out on the city sidewalk on Friday during these hours", that would be pretty great to know about. Hopefully some information about that will be made public soon.

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PARK(ing) Day on Friday!

The City of Knoxville would like to clarify that even though security provisions are being made for the Vice President’s visit to Knoxville on Friday, some of the parking closures downtown are to support PARK(ing) Day – an event that has been planned for some time. The event will involve designers working to create over 40 public spaces in an urban setting on Sept. 21 between 10 am and 3 pm. Check out (link...) and (link...).

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I'm told that tenants in the

I'm told that tenants in the building were told if they leave for lunch they will not be allowed back in until the event is over. As long as Pence is there, no one will be allowed to come in the building unless they're already inside when he arrives. People are not happy with the short notice.

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TFR at the airport too

There's a temporary flight restriction in place for Pence's arrival and departure as well.


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