Feb 11 2019
01:53 pm
By: michael kaplan

When I bought my Big Ears tickets last year, I noted Regal Riviera as a venue. I now see that there doesn't seem to be a film component in this year's festival. Wonder what happened ...

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... but could have something to do with Paul Harrill having feature length film release at Sundance and, who knows, beyond.

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There are so many

There are so many extraordinary things that ARE happening at Big Ears - especially this year - that I hate to focus on what isn't but...

It is true that film programming is significantly scaled back this year. The primary reasons are that we could not get a response from Regal on letting us use the two auditoriums this year - in spite of the full theaters at almost every showing last year. Hopefully, that will change for 2020 as we have some remarkable opportunities. To compound things, the Auditorium at the KMA was scheduled to be under renovation and unavailable. That seems to have changed but only a couple of weeks ago, too late to do much. Nevertheless, there will still be a few films - yet to be announced - including with several special screenings with live musical performances (at the Bijou etc) - plus Paul and Darren, along with Blake Williams, are curated what sounds like an extraordinary film installation at the UT Downtown Gallery next to the Emporium. All info forthcoming.

Some really special performances this year. I hope those interested in music and the arts will venture out to check it out. Just returned from Nashville and the world premieres of this beautiful, powerful, provocative, sexy, and exhilarating work, "Lucy Negro Redux," (about Shakespeare's secret love life from his black lover's perspective) with live music by Rhiannon Giddens and based on the magnetic poetry of Caroline Randall Williams, all choreographed into a "ballet" by Paul Westerling of the Nashville Ballet. I know next to nothing about ballet, really, but If you think you aren't a ballet person, this could change your mind. It was stunning. There are two shows at the Tennessee - one separately ticketed on Wed March 20 and the other an official part of Big Ears on Thurs March 21. Plus Punch Brothers (with some special still to be announced side projects), Bela Fleck, Kim Kashkashian playing Bach at St. John's, a jazz festival within the festival with Bill Frisell, Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane and many more; and so on. 120 concerts in a dozen venues over 4 days. you can find more at


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Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

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