President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed an executive order that will phase out the Department of Justice’s use of private prisons.

Biden's order terminates federal private prison contracts. Here's what that means

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I never have liked the idea

I never have liked the idea of privatized prisons. Tell me if I'm wrong but prisons run by private companies want the prison population to be high so they make more profit. This is also a way to open the door for more government coruption because of kickbacks from providing contracts to friends or anyone that will slip big bucks into their election funds or pockets.
Government run prisons want to keep the numbers as low as possible to minimize the costs.

I applauded Biden for this.

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Also, as I understand it, in

Also, as I understand it, in many instances, including in Tennessee, private prisons are guaranteed 90% capacity or taxpayers fund the difference. So, unlike most private business, they have a guaranteed minimum of business. It's a sweet deal.

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