Jan 21 2006
07:18 pm
By: WhitesCreek  shortURL

"This could be the start of a Beautiful relationship." Bogie

This is absolutely fabulous!

I'm looking forward to raking about in the local muck of Roane County. AS muck goes, we got plenty. Seems we got a local judge gone awol, They're recalling the Kingston Mayor (at least), The County Commission got handed their lunch on the jail boondoggle, and worst of all, land deeded to the citizens of Roane County has been handed over to a businessman who seems to be selling it off for lakefront houses.

Oh yeah, did I mention that a candidate for Sherriff has his deputies check the local motel registers for citizens? Knocks on the motel room doors to make sure nithing "bad" is going on.

Yep! When it comes to muck...We've got as much as anybody around...But I still wouldn't live anywhere else!



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Wow, that's an amazing

Wow, that's an amazing amount of craziness in an area I don't hear much news about. This site is wildly interesting already!

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The Ashe administration's

The Ashe administration's point person on the Coster Shop redevelopment project hired on out there to help the county with development projects.

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That's rather frightening.

That's rather frightening.

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WhitesCreek Hi Leslie...I


Hi Leslie...I ain't scared. You've done a fine job when we needed a pro. We can work on your politics as we go along, eh?


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Frightening because Leslie

Frightening because Leslie Henderson is working in development in Roane Co or frightening because you're Leslie Henderson? Whites Creek seems to be assuming that, but I have other suspicions.

I'm sure Ms. Henderson learned lots of valuable lessons about cleaning up contaminated sites that she'll put to good use in Roane County. It sure would have been interesting to learn about the pressures she was under from others in the Ashe administration during trial, but there will be no trial.

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WhitesCreek Actually we're


Actually we're not all that contaminated, unless you count Baptists.

I am curious about some of the inner dirt on Ashe, but I have a couple of friends that got mud on 'em from those years. Quit complaining though...Knox did get a nice soccer park out of it.

As dirt goes, though, We have truck loads of new stuff and can forget about baggage from Knox county.

did ja hear we've lost a material witness now?

Roane County...the funnest place in Tennessee.

It really is a hoot out here. And we're surrounded by world class whitewater on three sides.


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