Apr 21 2006
10:57 am

Invitation to Ijams Nature Center's inaugural Art Show and Silent Auction - "Artfully Ijams". 

There are approximately 100 pieces of nature and wildlife-related pieces of art hanging in the Ijams Visitor Center through April 29th.

On the evening of April 29th Ijams Nature Center will host a silent auction event to sell the art. Proceeds will benefit Ijams Nature Center as well as the artists and One Ton. 

The show features 30+ local artists including pieces by One Ton, area sculptors who work in local Tennessee Marble <<Artfully Ijams Invitation.pdf>> .

Please consider joining us on April 29th. Tickets are $10 per person in advance, $15 at the door.

Invitation attached

ArtfullyIjamsInvitation.pdf170.04 KB


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