In the third quarter of this year, there are more than 1,500 people living on the streets in Knoxville — an increase of nearly 700 people from just a few months ago.

Within those 1,500 people, there are 375 seniors, 235 Veterans, and 196 minors. While this is the street-homelessness count, the total population of people experiencing homelessness was reported to be around 3,656.

Around 700 more people living on the street in Knoxville over last 3 months

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The article says, "In the

The article says,

"In the third quarter of this year, there are more than 1,500 people living on the streets in Knoxville "
"this is the street-homelessness count, "

"the total population of people experiencing homelessness was reported to be around 3,656."
"people who are literally homeless has grown by 19% over the past three months"

Wonder how many lost there homes because of loss of jobs during the pandemic? Are landlords charging more? Of the 700 how many are senior citizens and how did they become homeless?

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My son moved to Nashville a

My son moved to Nashville a year ago to live as a struggling musician. The first thing he noticed was how many homeless living on the street. He didn't like some of the comments he was hearing from passer bys, some remarks were just cruel. He had struggled with homelessness briefly in his life, and he'd thought if people had to walk in their shoes they probably wouldn't feel the same. He had made a friend with a fellow songwriter when he'd moved to Nashville and she had worked in a homeless shelter. What he saw bothered him so much he and her actually wrote a song about it. As some of you may have noticed I'd posted a link to the song but since have removed it. I was uncertain how Bzgrl and Randy felt about posting a link to the song, considering he being my son it's kinda like self promotion and didn't think it was appropriate?

Homelessness is a serious and unfortunate situation that many are forced into. And one of our society's sole purposes should be to help those who can't help themselves. It's not an easy situation to dig out of, and many never do. I don't have the answer to solve this problem but I feel the least we can do is try to help them by providing shelter and food and try to help them keep some sort of similance of their dignity and show them respect because we all could wind up in the same situation even if we think we never will. And it can happen in the blink of an eye.

I've heard people say they should just get a job. Many can't, whether it be from physical or mental limitations. What really bothers me is we have many billionaires in this country yet they won't spend a dime to help the less fortunate. We have supposedly some of the smartest minds in the world yet not one can/will come up with an answer to rectify homelessness in a humane way. I don't believe a person should be forced to live a certain way and many couldn't live a normal life even if presented to them but surely there's a way for them to live a normal life for them and comfortably. Like I said I don't have the answer but maybe if incentives of some sort were presented to them no matter how miniscule it might at least give them a sense of purpose.

I will say, if our world were to suddenly collapse the suicide rate in this country would sky rocket, but the homeless's world has already collapsed and they found ways to survive it. They have to be admired for this. The saddest yet sweetest thing I've ever witnessed was a homeless couple walking together along the street. You know that is a true human bond.

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