So who's with us and who's against us? I know who I won't be patronizing any more. It should also be noted that there's a lobbying effort underway to get one of these restaurant owners, Randy Burleson (Aubrey's), on the board of health as a "citizen representative."

bizgrrl's picture

Shouldn't wear seat belts,

Shouldn't wear seat belts, who needs child car seats, no stop lights, no taxes... I could go on. These restaurant owners don't care about the majority of citizens.

R. Neal's picture

Do I really have to wear

Do I really have to wear pants in Walmart? Where is that in the constitution?

bizgrrl's picture

Knox County Board of Health

Knox County Board of Health orders bars and restaurants to close at 11 p.m.

Between Sept. 1 and 16, the county detected 2,105 new cases. For comparison the whole month of August saw 2,790 new cases. The largest single day increase of cases, 222, occurred the first week of September. The majority of these cases were in school-aged through college-aged kids in the county.

The pictures with the article showing young people at bars on Cumberland Ave. are shocking. Apparently many young people don't care about their fellow citizens. Disgusting. It's sad that the university insists employees must interact in person with so many of these careless people.

fischbobber's picture


What’s amazing to me is that almost every single one of the businesses that operate on my nightly survey ( the exception being Aubreys) are in ongoing violation of the spirit if not the letter of the current regulations.

These restaurant/bar owners are supposed to be the leaders of the industry and instead have thrown in with Glenn Jacobs anti-regulation and bio terrorist movement. I just don’t get it. Why would a restaurant sue the county for the right to infect their customers with a deadly disease? What kind of moron patronizes a business with that kind of obvious disregard for their customer’s health? What’s next? Are they going to get together and sue for the right to give their customers ptomaine poisoning?

Surely to God the apocalypse is upon us.

jbr's picture

I am not clear. What exactly

I am not clear. What exactly are bar rules?

I have looked in a couple while walking around downtown and seen a couple with several people sitting at the bar.

While at other places they do not allow anyone to sit at bar.

So what is the rule?

fischbobber's picture


For bars: No one standing is supposed to be served. No one is to be served sitting at the bar, everyone is supposed to be at a table. No alcohol is to be served after 10 pm. Thus far, the rules were self enforced as the sheriff refused and there was some question as to whether or not the city could be involved in the enforcement and just exactly what the regulation entailed. The bar owners brought this on themselves by actively engaging ing activity guaranteed to spread the virus.

Glenn Jacobs lied through his teeth when he described typical bar compliance protocol. This is despite the fact he knew they had pictures proving he was lying.

We live in dystopian Knoxville now.

fischbobber's picture

The best moment tonight on this topic

I listen to the Board of Health meetings. I get them on my phone, plug them in to my truck speakers, and listen like I would talk radio. When I get a break and look at the comments, it sometimes seems everyone is attacking some superficial visual quirk. I look at my phone on down time. The radio effect increases my productivity. I'm learning to associate the voice with the person. Really, it's better than Better Call Saul, only on radio.

The best moment tonight came when a letter from a large group of restaurant owners who are soon to feel what a large scale restaurant boycott feels like demanding the right to infect their customers with covid. The lawyer stated that while he would rather retain attorney client privilege as opposed to giving it up, a letter was different from a lawsuit and the Board was free to act in the county's best interest. Our County Law Department appears to be stepping up to the plate.

UT Football is at stake, and I find myself in the absolute position is that if you're not putting the team first, regardless of what those with more power would compel you to do, you're not doing your job. Glenn Jacobs is going to screw up football season, and he will be held accountable, just wait and see.

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Citizen Representative

This is a great thing for any government or quasi-government board to have. Always.

fischbobber's picture

Citizen Representitives

There are already eight of them on this board.

R. Neal's picture

Going through the list of

Going through the list of restaurants in Greg Isaacs' letter to the health board, notice that Barley's Taproom is one of them. You may recall that Burleson sold Barley's to Randy Boyd's sons, Harrison and Thomas Boyd, a couple of years ago. Yes, same the Randy Boyd who is president of UT and who wants the city to help him build a baseball stadium near the Old City.

lml's picture

what business is missing from Isaacs' letter

What I notice is Boyd's Jig and Reel isn't listed in Isaac's letter. Isn't Jig and Reel owned by Randy Boyd's wife, the mother of the Boyd bros who own Barley & Merchants of Beer? Varrry interesting.

fischbobber's picture

Removed for cause

By law, Board of Health members can be removed from the Board for cause. It’s time for Glenn Jacobs to go.

Treehouse's picture


He is fomenting rebellion against medical professionals that have the best interests of the community at heart (at least most of them).

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