Sep 3 2018
06:00 am

A recent survey from media research firm Magid found: roughly 35% of all young consumers share their passwords, well above the 19% of Generation Xers and 13% of Baby Boomers who partake in this practice.

According to Magid, post-millennials aged 21 and younger share passwords at an alarming rate of 42%


As with health insurance and other things, some of us have to pay to make it available for the others. Unless it is hardware (cars, phones, tvs, tablets, etc.) there will be people who try to get away without paying. Content cost money. Do they think it should be free?

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Another great topic.

What you are describing amounts to co-oping content. One person pays for a group of folks to use. I'm torn.

On the one hand, content purchasing is a hit and miss proposition. There is little to no regulation to govern whether or not the consumer is being ripped off, either with useless or overpriced content.

On the other hand, legitimate content producers won't have the capital necessary to continue their work without that funding.

Perhaps a consumer board with some sort of rating system as well as stricter firewalls for protected content?

I don't really have answers here.

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We pay for Sling, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Washington Post.

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What's your password? :)

What's your password? :)

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Are Netflix, Amazon or Apple

Are Netflix, Amazon or Apple losing money? I don't think so.

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I'm a "xennial" and I've

I'm a "xennial" and I've found that people just a couple years younger than me think it's crazy I pay for my own subscriptions, and those just a couple years older than me wouldn't share any streaming passwords.

Makes sense, given the research you cited.

I'm probably not your typical xennial. I have never missed an election in which I was eligible to vote. I get two hard copy newspapers delivered.

My younger sister lived with us for a year or so. We canceled Netflix while she was here, but I started right back after she moved out. Mostly because I couldn't stand scrolling through the crap she watched to get to the crap I wanted to watch. With profiles, I guess that's less of an issue now, but I'd still prefer my own account.

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On the other hand, legitimate

On the other hand, legitimate content producers won't have the capital necessary to continue their work without that funding.

There are alternatives. Producers on PBS, for example, receive public and private funding to create content, which is available free of direct charge to viewers via broadcast band. Content is also available free of direct charge via DVDs (or now streaming video) available at our public libraries.

Those of us able to make contributions to our public institutions help subsidize the cost of providing this content.

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The kids these days

It may be a generational thing, or it may just be an age-and-income thing. I think it's an age-and-income thing.

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I sorta agree with you. Back

I sorta agree with you. Back in the day people tried to get free cable tv, but it required hardware. Same with phones. You can be arrested for ripping off the cable and phone companies. Will it come to that for ripping off using the new technology?

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I don’t think they care at this point.

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Should I feel guilty for checking videos out from the library?

Being old skool I get videos delivered to my mailbox, but every few months I print out the que and check off the discs that are available downtown. Guess it helps that I live near downtown, though one can get videos delivered to the local branch.

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